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Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in December of 2000, the Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society was created to promote and perpetuate blues and jazz music across the state of Wyoming.  The Society recognizes blues and jazz as being a true American heritage and seeks to educate and encourage, young and old to play and listen to blues and jazz.

Members are primarily in the Casper area with a few spread across the state and fewer yet elsewhere in the U.S.  The society hopes to grow it's membership elsewhere across the state while encouraging and enjoying shared events in many towns across Wyoming.

Meetings are held monthly and are open to the membership (member participation is highly encouraged).  We meet on the second Sunday of each month at All That Jazz in the Parkway Plaza.  Meetings begin at 4 PM.

The third Sunday of each month is a jam session.  A host band starts the event and those wishing to play are rotated in in later sets.  This is a great time to hear new and old talent as well as to visit with society members.

Following are the Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society bylaws.  They will give you a more in depth view of the Society.

Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society Bylaws

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