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Chaser, based in Casper, Wyoming, is a three-piece rock & roll powerhouse, delivering rock classics interspersed with distinctive originals.  Chaser’s repertoire includes rock & roll, ballads, reggae and blues, all of which are rich with clever, humorous and poignant lyrics.  Chaser, best known for impressive sound and energy-driven live shows, performs throughout Wyoming and neighboring states.  Chaser’s first of many CD’s is scheduled for release in Summer, 2007. 

When Sam Gale and Don Carlson first played together as Chaser in the early 1980‘s, they clicked - the result was a tight musical collaboration and life-long friendship unequaled by any “real” brothers.   They went their separate ways for a few years, but continued to play together annually.  They officially renewed their full-time musical association in 1999, and added drummer Nick Smith to the mix in 2005.  The Sam & Don brotherhood is a songwriting and recording force to be reckoned with. 

Front man Sam Gale, a Casper native, has played music since his early teens.  He is a rock solid singer and guitarist with a charismatic and enigmatic stage presence. His lead vocals and background harmonies can be heard on virtually every Chaser tune.  Sam’s unique guitar style gives their songs a refreshing feel.

Undeniably, Sam’s true gift is his songwriting, as revealed by the passionate love song “Perfect,” the sheer attitude of “Bring it On” and his unconditional love in “When She Calls Me Daddy.” Sam is a genuine poet, funny, happy, sad and powerful.  For Sam, music is a vital part of life, but the real payoff is playing original songs live. 

Don Carlson is also a Casper native.  Don’s true love is his music; he began playing guitar when he was seven, and joined his first band when he was 15.   Don played in several local bands and toured throughout the U.S., enjoying the “six-night playing/one-night traveling eight hundred miles to the next show” type of gig (“School of Hard Knocks,” as he refers to it) for over ten years.  He was part of the local band/music scene in several cities including Austin, Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix. 

Don’s unrivaled bass playing is a rare gift.  The pulse and backbone of Chaser, Don is always searching for the perfect tone.   His bass playing, along with melodic lead and background vocals, are essential in making Chaser the powerhouse it is today.  There is not a song or type of music he cannot play.  He’s done it all.  According to Don, there’s nothing better than playing music live. 

Drummer Nick Smith is originally from Ft. Collins, Colorado, but he’s spent most of his life in Casper.  He began playing drums in 1971, played around town until 1982 when he went on the road with the Chicago Transfer Band.  In 1988, Nick moved to Phoenix and played in various bands doing sit-in work, some with national artists.  Nick founded the funk/soul band Souled Out in 1991.  He returned to Casper in 2001 and has played with local groups including Little Luke, The Grease Monkeys, Walker Williams, Kenny Bradbury, Sax Gordon and The JD Blues Band. 

Nick is a gifted and skilled percussionist; he plays both electronic and acoustic drums.  His talent and style adds power and drive to Chaser, with constant and exacting timing - almost like a machine - but with all the soul and heart essential for a truly outstanding drummer.  Nick’s main musical influences are the Tower of Power, Steely Dan, Dave Matthews and Led Zeppelin.   He is a songwriter member of BMI.

Sam, Don and Nick also play with another local band, The JD Blues Band.   Sam and Don are heavy into the musical scene having established two new musical business ventures with S&D Sound and Design, as well as their two piece acoustic group, Two Blind Mice.  Sam and Don are active members of the Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society. 

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