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From backyard get-togethers to opening for major concerts, from Artcore to the Wyoming Governor's pre-inaugural party the JD Blues Band are "The Party Specialists".  "Casper Blues Icons" play anything from light jazz to Jumpin' blues. 

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The Band (from left to right):

Left to Right

Don Carlson ~ Vocals & Bass Guitar

Jody Taylor ~ Vocals & Guitar

Jody Murray ~ Vocals & Harmonica

Sam Gale ~ Vocals & Guitar

Nick Smith~ Drums


Band Background

Jody Taylor, rhythm and lead guitar.  He ranched at the Hole in the Wall until 1995 when the family ranch was sold and he moved to town with his family.  He became a founding member of the JD Blues Band in 1996.

 Jody Murray, harmonica and vocals.  He began playing drums as a charter member of the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps at the age of 10.  He then played with the Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps. While attending college, he began playing the harmonica and nurturing his love of the blues.  He has toured with Spencer Bohren, recorded with Inda Eaton, and sat in with the Subdudes, the Three Twins as well as many local bands.

Nick Smith, drums.  Nick is originally from Ft. Collins, Colorado, but he’s spent most of his life in Casper.  Nick has been playing for 36 years, both with local bands and several national acts.  He lived in Phoenix for 16 years playing with many bands in the area.  Nick moved back to Casper in 2001 to be near friends and family.  He has been with the band for over 2 years. 

Sam Gale, guitar and vocals.  A third generation Casper native, Sam has played music since his early teens.  In the early 80’s, Sam played in the band Chaser on the road for a couple of years.  He spent the next 18 years in the Wyoming oil field.  Making up for lost time, Sam is currently writing and recording original music with the band Chaser, while gigging with the JD Blues Band.  Life is good. 

Don Carlson, bass guitar and vocals.  Don’s true love is his music; he began playing guitar when he was seven, and joined his first band when he was 15.   Don played in several local bands and toured throughout the U.S., enjoying the “six-night playing/one-night traveling eight hundred miles to the next show” type of gig (“School of Hard Knocks,” as he refers to it) for over ten years.  He was part of the local band/music scene in several cities including Austin, Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix.  After 10 years and several bands, he returned to Casper to raise his family.  Don is currently a member of two bands (JD Blues Band and Chaser); he is writing and recording music and teaching guitar lessons.

JD Blues Band play dates are listed below:



7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza
7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza
7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza
7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza
7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza
7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza
7 p.m.
All That Jazz at the Parkway Plaza


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